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4-H fundraiser: Money will be there for 2010

A private foundation kicked in $10,000 to keep the Washington County 4-H program afloat through 2010.

Another $22,000 is coming from 4-H member dues.

A livestock auction generated $5,000 and the "kiss the cow" contest at the county fair raked in $700.

With donations and fundraisers yielding cash contributions large and small, the county's 4-H program will continue for another year, a supporter predicted after seeing that half of the needed funds have been pledged or collected.

"We still have got to have a little help, there's no doubt about it, but I think we'll get there," said Dan Dolan of Woodbury, a leader of the Save Washington County 4-H group. "I have no problem with 2010; it'll come."

See the Aug. 26 print edition of the Woodbury Bulletin for the full story.