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Storm causes damage to some Woodbury residents' properties

The Moss family's trampoline was thrown around their backyard Wednesday afternoon during a storm that swept through the east metro.

A tornado touchdown reported in Cottage Grove Wednesday, Aug. 19, never officially reached Woodbury, but some residents in the southern portion of town reported the storm system that blew through the east metro during the mid-afternoon did some slight damage to their properties.

Lesa Moss who lives near Cottage Grove Drive and Lake Road said she believes some sort of severe storm activity ripped through her backyard and mangled a trampoline jumper and left parts of her family's picnic table on the roof.

"Things were picked up, crushed and relocated," Moss said in an email. "Our patio umbrella is now up on our roof, our trampoline is crushed and amazingly, our neighbors swing set was toppled into their deck but ours was perfectly intact...and they're right next door."

Woodbury Public Safety officials said they received no report of tornadic activity in the city limits, but Washington County did issue a tornado warning for the southern portion of the county at 2:45 p.m. when a sheriff's deputy spotted a funnel cloud and reported a tornado had touched down in southern Cottage Grove near highways 61 and 95.

A sheriff's office spokesperson said the funnel touched down briefly before moving northeast over River Oaks Golf Course. Downed trees in the city's Pine Coulee neighborhood were reported.

Cottage Grove Public Safety director Craig Woolery said a Cottage Grove police officer spotted the funnel. Washington County was not under a tornado warning at the time, he said.

Woolery said a second funnel was sighted over the Norris Square senior living facility at 80th Street and Hadley Avenue a short time later.

Woodbury police officials said they received a few calls from residents when the tornado warning was issued for the county, but no injuries or major damage was reported during the storm.

Jon Avise contributed to this story.