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2009 Woodbury Days Medallion found!

Jeff and Cathy Burianek are the lucky winners of the Woodbury Days medallion hunt.

The Woodbury Days medallion was reported found at 8 a.m. Thursday in Ojibway Park.

Jeff and Cathy Burianek found the medallion Wednesday evening at Ojibway Park after spending only about 25 minutes hunting. They searched for a couple of hours on Tuesday as well.

"At first I didn't believe it," Jeff said. "I thought it was just a piece of paper."

The medallion was hidden amongst the weeds near the horseshoe ring.

Cathy and Jeff had some help in locating the medallion, in the form of a walking stick and a rake.

"They really helped us out in poking around," Jeff said.

Finding the medallion is extremely exciting for Cathy and Jeff, Jeff specifically, since he has spent nearly 40 years hunting for St. Paul Winter Carnival medallions. This is his fifth year searching for the Woodbury Days Medallion.

"We enjoy the hunt," he said. "And it's so exciting to finally find it."

The Woodbury Days family festival will be held Friday through Sunday, Aug. 28 to 30 at Ojibway Park, Woodbury.