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Calling all talented teens

This is one the impressive pieces that were submitted in last year's Teen Art Display at Woodbury City Hall.

If you are between the ages of 12 and 19 and have been known to pick up a paintbrush, a camera or a pencil, the city of Woodbury wants you to be a part of the Teen Art Display.

"It is an opportunity to have the teens bring in their art and display it and really have that moment for themselves," said Jodi Sauro, recreation specialist with the Woodbury Parks and Recreation Department.

Artwork can be submitted starting July 27. The Art display will last from August 3-28 at Woodbury City Hall.

This is the second year the city has hosted the Teen Art Display, and last year's display was such a success, they received 50 pieces of art, they decided to try it again, Sauro said.

"We had such a wonderful response of people coming and going throughout city hall," she said. "There was some amazing work last year -- it was really neat to see such creative talent."

In the past, the city's parks and recreation department has displayed artwork from Woodbury residents, whether it would be at city hall or at Central Park, but they never really had an outlet for the teenage group and it seemed like this was their chance, Sauro said.

"Teens have an interest in art too -- it lets them give their expression, it's an outlet for them, it's fun, and it's relaxing," she said. "And this was an opportunity to bring it down to the teenage group."

No contest this year

This year's Teen Art Display will be a bit different however, whereas last year's held a contest in conjunction with the display, this year's will not.

Sauro said they decided to eliminate the contest this year because they ran into some problems last year with the artists getting a bit too competitive with each other and not enjoying the experience.

"It got too competitive and that's not what was the goal," she said. "We didn't want the emphasis to be on who was the best but just wanting to display their art -- bring their things in, display it and not worry about whether their work is the best or not."

Sauro said they are also adding the stipulation that each teenager can only submit one piece of art.

If the city receives a lot of submissions and isn't able to display all of them, they may look at moving some pieces over to Central Park.

Sauro said last year's art display was evidence that Woodbury has some talented, young artists.

"I hope people submit their items, and then bring out their families and their friends to see all of the display -- it's an opportunity to display what they can do," she said.

Young artists between the ages of 12 and 19 can submit art to the Teen Art Display, from 8 a.m. - 4 p.m., weekdays, July 27-31 at the Woodbury Parks and Recreation Department, located in the Woodbury City Hall. The submitted artwork will be on display at City Hall from Aug. 3-28.

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