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The star of the show

During Star Michaelina's magic performance at Woodbury's Central Park amphitheater on June 24, children's faces lit up with astonishment over the magician's tricks. Staff photo by Amber Kispert

A bit of sparkle was brought to Central Park on June 24 when Minnesota magician Star Michaelina brought her dazzling magic act to the amphitheater.

Michaelina was brought to Central Park by the R.H. Stafford Library as an entertaining way to get across their summer message of "Be Creative."

"The neat thing about these sort of library events is that whatever the topic of the event is -- animals, magic, juggling, insects -- our collection of books on that topic is completely depleted after the show," library manager Chad Lubbers said. "The kids just clean us out."

Michaelina puts on shows specifically designed for educational purposes, such as the magic of reading.

Even though Michaelina's magic acts may be education themed, that doesn't extinguish the sparkle on the kids faces when they see the magic tricks.

"I'm not sure exactly what the appeal of magicians is for young kids, but I remember being amazed by them as a kid myself," Lubbers said. "Maybe it was the surprise of seeing something that defies logic or my own understanding.

"Like fireworks -- we all know there's a complex series of chemistry and physics applications behind the flashing colors and the explosions, but the surprise and the incomprehension combine to create a 'gee - wow' moment where you're just enthralled by the spectacle of it all."

Michaelina, who is a St. Paul native, has been performing magic for adults and children for the past 16 years. She has appeared in Woodbury previously.

"I went through a lot of hobbies, but magic was it," she said. "This just feels right."

Michaelina has also taught at camps, scouting events, summers schools, and was even selected as a guest artist at the Minnesota College of Art and Design.

Michaelina's involvement with magic all started like most things in a girl's life -- because of a boy. Michaelina said she had a crush on a boy who was into magic, so she wanted to learn.

Michaelina, who holds a Bachelor of Arts in theater from Sonoma State University, has studied mime, juggling, dance, circus skills, along with magic; all of which she incorporates into her shows.

Michaelina said she really doesn't look to magicians for inspiration, she looks more to performers such ad Lucille Ball, Charlie Chaplin and Audrey Hepburn.

Michaelina said the thing she loves about magic, and performing in general, is being able to reach everyone.

"Doing magic lets me play the person I want to be," she said. "And since it's very visual, you can reach everyone."

Michaelina's adult shows are very different than her children shows. Whereas her children's shows are more comedy oriented, her adult shows try to get across a message.

"Doing magic with messages in them has the opportunity to shape the world," she said.

Most of her tricks in her children's shows include vanishing acts, transportation acts and mind reading. Some of these acts are found in her adult shows, but at a different level, but Michaelina also adds in juggling knives, among others.

Michaelina said she hopes to continue pursuing magic and performance, her next stop will hopefully be cruise lines or Las Vegas. Whatever the future holds for her, Michaelina will keep reaching for the stars.

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Amber Kispert-Smith

Amber Kispert-Smith has been the schools and Afton reporter at the Woodbury Bulletin since 2008. She holds a bachelor’s degree in journalism from the University of Minnesota. She previously worked as a reporter for Press Publications in White Bear Lake.

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