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Bids opened to continue government center remodeling

The Washington Board of Commissioners received an update on the bidding process for work on the next phase of the county government center.

The center is undergoing expansion and renovation, to provide additional space for court functions and other county needs, as well as renovate the existing building to provide facilities that will best serve county residents into the future.

The next phase of the project -- which has already seen a three-story addition to the law enforcement center and the construction of a five-story court building between the government center and the law enforcement center - is the renovation of the south wing of the government center.

Bids were opened June 11 for the project, which includes masonry and concrete, steel erection, roofing, woodwork, drywall, plumbing, electrical work and other construction tasks.

The total bid is for $5.36 million. Budget projections for the project were $6.7 million, which county public works director Don Theisen said is good news for the county.

Funding for the project is provided by the 2007 bond issue.