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Strong winds may be causing intermittent losses in power, officials say

Scattered reports of intermittent loss of electrical power to some homes and businesses in Woodbury Wednesday afternoon may be attributed to strong winds that hit the Twin Cities metro area, Xcel Energy officials said.

Wednesday afternoon, several residents and business owners in the city reported experiencing a number of instances when the electricity to their homes or buildings was interrupted, causing lights to flicker and then go out for a short period before returning.

At one time the power was off for 20 to 30 minutes.

Xcel Energy media officials said the company had no reports of any major power outage problems in the Woodbury area, but did say that any intermittent losses or flickering of electrical power could be the result of strong winds blowing tree branches into power lines. Xcel Energy crews would respond to any incidents of tree branches interfering with electrical lines, company media officials said.