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New firewood policy in Washington County parks

As of May 2009, the Washington County Parks Division will not allow firewood into the any park facility from unapproved sources.

Approved sources include firewood purchased from the Washington County Parks, wood purchased from a Minnesota Department of Natural Resources approved vender within Washington County, and kiln-dried, untreated and unstained dimensional lumber (such as building and constructions scraps) free of metal or other foreign substances.

Approved firewood vendors have met established guidelines set by the MN Department of Natural Recourses.

Firewood may be purchased from an approved vendor within Washington County. A receipt must be presented with the firewood to verify the purchase location.

This policy is being implemented by Washington County Parks to prevent the spread of invasive species such as the Emerald Ash Borer. The spread of this particular species and other invasive organisms has been closely related to the transportation of firewood.

Similar programs have been implemented on a regional, state and federal level.

For a complete list of approved firewood vendors in Minnesota and more information about firewood transportation, visit

If you would like additional information about the park's policy, call the Washington County Parks Division at (651) 430-8370.