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County board agreement with Woodbury

The Washington County Board voted 5-0 April 7 to approve an agreement with the city of Woodbury for a management access plan on county roads located in the rural southern portions of the city.

The city of Woodbury approved the plan earlier this year and the agreement will help the city and county proactively plan for future roadway connections to the county road system as development, redevelopment, or road construction occurs, said Washington County transportation planning manager Ted Schoenecker.

The corridors included in the plan are:

• Bailey Road (County Highway 18) from Military Road to Manning Avenue

• Radio Drive (County Highway 13) from Bailey Road to Military Road

• Woodbury Drive (County Highway 19) from Bailey Road to the south city limits

"Right now, those are kind of the edge roadways within Woodbury," Schoenecker said. "Just north of there is mostly development, and that is going to be moving south in the future."

Access locations are generally defined as those intersections where a public street will be constructed to connect with a county road.

Schoenecker said the creation of a management access plan will also increase the chances for federal funding for improvements to the corridors.

"It's a plan where we have the ability to provide flexibility as conditions change," Schoenecker said.

A public information meeting on the plan was held in January 2009 to give residents and businesses an opportunity to comment on the plan. About 40 people attended the meeting.