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Basics of diving from community education

District 833 Community Education is offering "Diving Fundamentals" for children and youth ages 8 to 15 on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, May 8 - 29, from 4:15 to 4:55 p.m. at Cottage Grove Junior High School, 9775 Indian Blvd. No class will be held May 15 or May 25.

The course is "level 6" and the swimming yardage increases from level 5 distances for all strokes from 50 to 100 yards, each using the various turns learned. In addition to stroke work, the course inludes basic stretching exercises for diving, dives off the side of the pool from the kneeling position to stride to standing.

Students then progress to forward dive fall from the diving board, approach and hurdle, forward jump, forward tuck and forward pike position.

The cost is $46. For details and to register for this class, #AQ63700, visit or call (651) 458-6600.