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Bringing history to life at Middleton

Fifth-grader Jack Smith channeled Albert Einstein at Middleton Elementary's annual History Festival on March 13 in hopes of explaining relativity is the form of E = mc2. Staff photo by Amber Kispert

Some of history's most famous and iconic figures came to life March 13 during Middleton Elementary's annual HistoryFest.

The history festival is an open house showcasing fifth grade students' research on any American important in the country's history.

Students presented their display boards by reciting a speech while in costume and speaking as their subject.

"It is an opportunity for students to present what they know in a new, exciting way," fifth grade teacher Julianne Kelsey said. "The projects incorporate the areas of reading, writing, math, art and social studies. All students are able to experience success with this type of project."

This year's historical figures included some of the country's most influential persons, such as Albert Einstein, John F. Kennedy, Benjamin Franklin and Amelia Earhart; as well is some popular culture icons, like Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Walt Disney and Audrey Hepburn.

The history festival has been taking place at Middleton for the past ten years, and its aims have remained the same.

"One of our goals is for students to become more familiar with the process of non-fiction research, and our students have the opportunity to become more fluent and confident public speakers," Kelsey said. "It also doesn't hurt that the students are extremely excited about this project from attending the HistoryFest in years past."

Amber Kispert-Smith

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