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City council updates sign ordinance

The Woodbury City Council voted 4-0 March 11 to adopt an updated version of the city's sign ordinance.

The city has been in the process of revamping its sign ordinance for the last year, which was spurred by a moratorium on new billboards in the city.

The city originally adopted the billboard moratorium in January 2007 after several other cities in the metro area faced legal challenges for establishing sign codes that outlawed construction of electronic billboards.

Woodbury had a similar chapter in its ordinance, but the council enacted a moratorium to make sure they could make any necessary legal changes to protect the ban.

City planning staff presented the changes to the Woodbury Planning Commission and the Woodbury Chamber of Commerce, before seeking council approval.

Some of the changes in sign ordinance update include:

• Requiring permanent signage to be installed within 90 days for a new business, business name or owner.

• Reducing allowable wall signage for multi-tenant developments.

• Incorporation of the city's existing policy related to residential entrance monuments into the Sign Ordinance.

• Allowing temporary banners in residential zoning districts for institutional uses such as schools and churches. Limiting the duration for an individual banner to six months. Requiring a permit for a banner.

• Addition of a definition and standards for electronic display signs.

• Elimination of provisions that allow for off-site development signs.