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Youth Service Bureau honors Vanessa Schulte

The Youth Service Bureau (YSB) recently recognized YSB community justice coordinator Vanessa Schulte, a Woodbury resident, with the annual "Spirit of the Mission" Award.

Schulte was chosen by her peers as the employee who best represented the spirit of the YSB during the past year.

According to information provided by the organization, Schulte is well-known for "her consistently upbeat and infectious attitude. She believes in what she is doing and effectively conveys that to others."

In nominating Schulte for the award, a colleague wrote, "The youth she serves soon learn that while she is there to help them pay back to the community for their misconduct, she is also there to help them achieve their goals.

"She connects to them in different ways, helps them build their confidence and want to make better choices."

During the past year, Schulte helped a group of high school girls become effective role models for junior high youth in Woodbury.

She put in a lot of time and effort to help the girls get the project off the ground and continues to work with them as a positive role model and mentor.

She also worked closely with several high school students interested in creating their own project for a high school community outreach class.