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County library system launches civility project

Washington County Library is sponsoring a "Choosing Civility" project. Residents are invited to read Dr. P. M. Forni's "Choosing Civility: The Twenty-five Rules of Considerate Conduct" and join in on discussion of the importance of civility. The event is funded by a gift from the RAFT Charitable Foundation.

The civility project includes self-initiated components such as reading Forni's book, which is available at Washington county libraries; hosting a reading group and discussion with friends, neighbors or colleagues at school, in the workplace, at church or home; sharing experiences online by submitting comments at; and choosing civility. The final project component will be the opportunity to attend Forni's speaking engagement Tuesday, April 21at the R. H. Stafford Branch Library, 8595 Central Park Place in Woodbury. Free tickets are available at library branches.

Forni teaches and directs The Civility Initiative at Johns Hopkins University. His premise is that modern society is structured in a way that actually encourages incivility; that going through life rude and angry can actually make you sick; and that everyone can improve the quality of their relationships and lives by choosing to be more considerate, courteous and polite. He proposes the 25 rules of considerate conduct to create a more respectful community.