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Girl Scout cookies coming!

Dozens of girl scouts troop moms and dads lined up bumper to bumper Friday in the parking lot of King of Kings Lutheran Church to pick up their orders of girl scout cookies.

Friday was the pickup day for girl scout troop leaders to pick up their orders to distribute among their troops. At the temporary distribution center in the King of Kings parking lot, contract workers stacked and unstacked thousands of boxes and helped load them into the vehicles of the troop leaders.

Once picked up, the cookie boxes will be sorted by troops that participated in the Cookie Program Activity to be delivered over the coming week.

One local troop leader, Brenda Urbanski said she made two stops in her minivan to pick up a total of 150-plus boxes of cookies. Most popular order among those who ordered from Daisy Troop #53799? Thin Mints. Somoas came in second, Urbanski said.