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Council approves list of road rehab projects for 2009

Four roadway locations included in Woodbury's 2009 road rehabilitation project are detailed in this map. Staff graphic by Neil West

The Woodbury City Council voted Wednesday, Feb. 11 to approve its 2009 road rehabilitation project, which includes plans for four areas of construction this year:

• Sandlewood Road near Woodbury Elementary

• Queens Drive near the Target store

• Valley Creek Road between Settlers Ridge Parkway and Manning Avenue

• Alderwood Drive (east of Century Avenue and Upper Afton Road)

The total cost to rehabilitate the roads is projected at nearly $2 million. City public works staff annually studies the quality of city roads to determine which areas are in need of rehabilitation, said Klayton Eckles, the city's deputy public works director.

"Woodbury now is approaching 400 miles of roadway, and those roads might last anywhere between 15-30 years depending on how much traffic they experience," Eckles said. "They eventually wear out and every year we have to determine which roads are going to need major improvements to keep them in good shape."

Some of the remedies for the rehabilitation of the designated areas includes street removal, sanitary and sewer upgrades, curb reconstruction and turf restoration.

The council voted to allow staff to move ahead and prepare plans and timelines for each of the designated areas, but Woodbury City Council member Paul Rebholz expressed some reluctance on issuing Valley Creek Road rehabilitation from Settlers Ridge Parkway to Manning Avenue.

Rebholz said he wanted staff to provide the council with more information about the future of that section of Valley Creek Road, which a few years ago the city believed would be taken over by the county.

The city did have long-range plans to move that section of Valley Creek to the south, but those plans have been put on hold because previously projected traffic increases in the area have slowed due to a recent curb in residential development in eastern Woodbury, said Woodbury Public Works director David Jessup.

The area just west of Manning Avenue and south of Valley Creek Road is not expected to be developed until 2020 and traffic counts to the east are not as high as projected. They are not expected to be at the projected levels to necessitate a large road improvement project on the east end of Valley Creek Road for at least 10 years, Jessup said.

City planning and public works staff have been holding meetings with residents in the affected areas of the rehabilitation project over the last month.

Staff plans to prepare individual project plans and submit each for council approval later this year. Assessment hearings on each area affected by the improvements will follow.