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Woodbury author releases new book under pseudonym

The cover of "Ally O'Brien's" book "The Agency." O'Brien is the pseudonym for Woodbury author Brian Freeman. Submitted graphic

Bestselling author and Woodbury resident Brian Freeman unveiled a surprise to his fans last week.

Freeman, whose fourth installment of his popular Jonathan Stride series is scheduled to hit bookstores March 31, told his fans via his website Wednesday, Feb. 4, about the release of a completely new novel under the pseudonym, Ally O'Brien.

Titled "The Agency," Freeman said, via press release, the novel "is something new and completely different for me."

"This book is nothing like my dark, intense suspense novels," Freeman said. "It's light, sassy, and funny, with a female first-person narrator and an urban setting in London and New York. Think of it as Sex and the City meets The Devil Wears Prada."

The Agency was a joint project between Freeman and his London agent, Ali Gunn.

"Ali has wanted to do a book set inside the publishing industry for years, and she approached me last year about making it happen," Freeman said. "So we worked together to create a book with a wickedly funny heroine trying to survive on her own in the crazy book worlds of London and New York. If you don't laugh out loud, we haven't done our job."

Freeman's first novel, "Immoral," was published in 2005. He followed it up with "Stripped" in 2006 and "Stalked" in 2008.

Freeman's fourth Jonathan Stride installment, "In the Dark," is set to debut in major bookstore's next month.