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Andersen to layoff an additional 150 workers

On Jan. 8 company officials from Andersen Corporation announced that 450 workers were being laid off - that number just got larger.

Maureen McDonough, Andersen's director of communications, said the company would be laying off an additional 150 production workers from the facility in Bayport.

"This is a continuation of the earlier layoffs," said McDonough. "It was felt that because of market conditions a larger layoff had to be made."

She added that the workers were being notified today (Thursday) and that they would be temporary layoffs.

"It's hard to predict, but we expect the layoff to run through the first quarter," McDonough said.

In the Jan. 8 layoff announcement, McDonough cited the weak housing market as the reason behind the cutbacks.

"We have more production capacity than we need for the current volume, but we have some indications that volume may pick up as the year goes along," she said.

The earlier layoffs included 50 permanent layoffs of office and management staff at the Bayport plant. It also included 400 production workers at both the Bayport and the Cottage Grove facilities.

McDonough noted that temporary layoffs were nothing new to the industry.