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Cookie dough fundraiser kicked off

Students from all grades at Woodbury Elementary came together for the Cookie Dough Fundraiser kickoff on Jan. 8.

"C" is for "cookie" -- and it's also for "cash."

That is what Woodbury Elementary students are hoping to raise with the "Cookie Dough Fundraiser" which had its kickoff event on Thursday, Jan. 8.

This is the second year that Woodbury Elementary has taken on this fundraising opportunity. Last year, students raised $8,000.

Principal Kristine Schaefer said they originally started the cookie dough fundraiser, which has students sell tubs of different types of Tasty Batters Frozen Gourmet Cookie Dough, because it was an additional way to help the school and it isn't your typical fundraising opportunity.

"We wanted to try something different and everybody likes cookies," she said. "It's easy, it's one price, it's one tub."

Schaefer said they decided to continue with the cookie dough fundraiser because it ended up being such a success last year.

This year the school is hoping to raise $15,000 to go towards new playground equipment, technology upgrades, library books, and other classroom items, Schaefer said.

"Last year it was a huge success so we thought we'd try it again," she said. "We always shoot high so that's what we'll work towards."

Schaefer isn't certain that they will reach their goal for this year because of the effects the economy are having on the community and the students' families.

"I'm guessing most fundraisers for schools this year are down, but we thought we'd try it," she said. "I hope we make it, but with the economy you never know, we'll take what we can get."

Schaefer said she is optimistic in the fundraiser being an overall success though because the students become so excited and enthusiastic about the prizes.

"Seriously it is the prizes, they love the prizes," she said. "The kids like it, the kids really get a lot of enjoyment out of it because they get to be recognized for things and that's fun for them."

In addition to receiving prizes through daily drawings and prizes for however many tubs you sell, including a Kung Fu Panda toy, light up toys and a Nintendo Wii. Students will also be working towards a bonus prize of going to lunch in a H2 Hummer limo.

"This year they get to ride in a limo and I think they're gonna love it," Schaefer said.

Schaefer said she does encourage students to sell as many tubs as they can, but she stresses that students should not be going door to door, they should be relying on family and friends.

"We stress multiple times do not go door to door ever," she said. "And don't talk to strangers."

The fundraiser will last through Jan. 20 and the tubs can be picked up on Feb. 19.

Amber Kispert-Smith

Amber Kispert-Smith has been the schools and Afton reporter at the Woodbury Bulletin since 2008. She holds a bachelor’s degree in journalism from the University of Minnesota. She previously worked as a reporter for Press Publications in White Bear Lake.

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