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The Chamber's 'Business of the Year'

Globe University opened its Woodbury campus in July 2007 and serves more than 800 students.

Its campus is tucked into a business district along Hudson Road, but you don't have to step inside Globe University to feel the impact it has made in Woodbury since it opened in 2007.

The college with its nearly 900 students and 65 instructors and full-time staff are in the community on a regular basis, said Jeanne Herrman, the vice president of Globe University's campus development.

"It's absolutely one of our commitments to our community that we have a service learning component for our students to help them create a foundation for being contributors to communities once they leave school," said Herrman, referring to the several groups of the Globe University students who have volunteered in the Woodbury community over the last two years.

The school has volunteered its services to the community as well. From putting on a blood drive, to opening up to high school students and their parents for a college financial aid application seminar, the school has been trying to establish itself as more than just a post secondary option.

For that reason, Globe University was named by the Woodbury Chamber of Commerce as the "Business of the Year."

Moving to Woodbury

Globe University was founded as Globe College/Minnesota School of Business in St. Paul in 1885. Over the years the institution has established a presence throughout the state and even into South Dakota and western Wisconsin.

The Globe University St. Paul campus moved to Oakdale in 1997 where it served the east metro community until the move to the new facility in Woodbury in 2007.

Herrman said the Woodbury campus allows for more space and provides a great setting for students who are earning degrees in a variety of fields that range from veterinary technicians to health fitness management.

The average age of students at Globe University-Woodbury is 27. The majority are enrolled at the associate level, but many are earning bachelor's degrees or are coming back to earn their master's of business administration, Herrman said.

With so many students studying different programs, Herrman said it was important for the school to find a setting where the applicable real world opportunities exist. Woodbury provides that setting, she said.

"When we started looking for a new location, Woodbury seemed to be the perfect fit, because there are so many opportunities here for our students as they enter the professional world," Herrman said. "And we kind of feel like we have two customers that we serve; our students and the employers who will hire them when they graduate."

In addition to the classroom activities, Globe University has made a commitment to get its students out into the community by volunteering in any number of community service projects, which Herrman believes provides an all-around win-win-win situation.

"Our students are making contacts, the community is benefitting from their service and we are getting ourselves out there as an institution," she said.

"We certainly don't have the name recognition like the University of Minnesota, so we are always working to educate people on what we are, who we are and what we do. And we do that by getting out in the community."