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MPCA approves 3M plan to clean up Woodbury dump site

The gate to the former dump site on the Woodbury-Cottage border used by 3M. The MPCA has OK'd a recovery plan designed by 3M to clean up the site. Staff photo by Hank Long

The Minnesota Pollution Control agency has officially signed off on a recovery plan designed by 3M to clean up a dump site on the border of Woodbury and Cottage Grove.

3M used the former dump site in the 1960s to dump waste from its chemolite plant in Cottage Grove.

Much of the waste contained perfluorochemicals, which were once manufactured at the plant.

In 2007 3M signed a consent order with the MPCA to clean up the site along with others in the east metro.

The Woodbury site is located between Woodbury Drive and Cottage Grove Drive and south of Dale Road in Woodbury.

Earlier this year, 3M submitted proposed plans to clean up the site and received feedback from the MPCA before making several final adjustments.

Some of the proposed remediation methods include institutional controls and carbon filtration treatment of water affected by the site before it is piped to the 3M's Cottage Grove plant and then discharged into the Mississippi River.

The MPCA recommendations also include excavation of the contaminated soil on the site and disposal of the soil at a containment company site in Rosemount.

Paul Eger, the MPCA's acting commissioner, approved the plan.

Recovery also includes extracting and filtering groundwater and long-term monitoring of the site.

The Minnesota Health Department has stated that 3M chemicals in the drinking water of Woodbury and six other nearby east-metro communities were diluted to the point that they pose little risk.