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Washington County looking for volunteers

Washington County is looking for citizens to fill a number of openings available on various volunteer advisory committees, boards, and commissions.

Citizens must be a resident of a district to apply for a specific district committee, but may apply for an "at large" committee if a resident of the county. There are also professional and business members on some of the committees. Terms range from two to four years per committee and mileage is reimbursed to attend a scheduled meeting. Meeting times and frequencies will vary.

Committee Vacancies/Representing:

· Community Development Block Grant Citizens Advisory - Districts 2 and 5, two Private Sector Representatives

· Community Services - Districts 1, 2, 3, and 5

· Groundwater Advisory Committee - three At Large Representatives, Well Drilling Representative, Agricultural Representative, Watershed District Representative, and Municipal Government Representative

· Housing and Redevelopment Authority - District No. 2

· Library Board - District 4

· Mental Health Advisory - Districts 2 and 5, Consumer Representative, Child Mental Health Professional

· Minnesota Extension - At Large Representative

· Parks and Open Space Commission - District 5

· Planning Advisory Commission - District 5 and Township At Large

· Public Health Emergency Preparedness Advisory Committee - Districts 4 and 5, two Physician Members, Hospital Representative, Public Safety Representative, and two Volunteer Service Representatives

For more information or to apply to serve Washington County on one of the aforementioned Citizen Advisory Committees, please call the Washington County Office of Administration at 651-430-6001.

Committee background information and applications are also available online at: