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White Bear Lake couple has first baby of New Year at Woodwinds

Jen and Corey Lunde spent New Years Day at the hospital with their newborn son Trenten Lee. It took the couple a few days before they decided on his name.

Corey and Jen Lunde talked about it on occasion for the last nine months, but they never thought seriously about what it would be like to deliver their child within hours of its due date. That is, until it actually happened.

Timing was on the side of the White Bear Lake couple's first child, Trenten Lee, to earn the distinction of being the first baby of 2009 born at Woodwinds Health Campus.

The little guy officially came onto the scene at just after 7 a.m. on Jan. 1. His parents arrived at the hospital just after 3 a.m. and Corey Lunde said the timing of the trip to the hospital from White Bear Lake made for a slightly nerve-wracking ride.

"She decided we needed to go to the hospital and it's an hour after bar close on New Year's Eve," Corey Lunde recalled. "I was scanning the roads constantly looking for bad drivers. But we made it without a scratch."

Doctors first placed Jen in an observation room, but it wasn't long before she knew she was ready to have her baby.

At 7 pounds and 20 ¼ inches in length, all Trenten Lee, needed was a name, and it took a little while for his parents to settle on one of two final choices.

During an interview Friday, the proud parents were still mulling over the top choices as Jen rested for one more day with baby and husband at her side in the hospital after what she called an "easy" birthing process.

"Giving him a name is the hard part," Jen joked.

The delivery was a water birth, and nurse midwife Anne Johnson said she was impressed to hear her patient say "That was so easy" immediately after bearing the child without the assistance of an epidural.

"I've been in the nursing profession for 35 years and I don't think I've ever heard someone say that immediately after child birth," Johnson said with a smile of amazement. "We pulled the baby right out and put him in her hands and she said 'that was so easy.'"

The timing of the birth made it easy for the couple's respective parents to visit their new grandson.

"It was New Year's Day, so everybody already had the day off," Corey said. "Both of our parents got to spend the day with us. It was really nice."

For achieving the distinction of having the first baby of the New Year, Woodwinds Hospital awarded the couple with a care package, that included toys and several infant necessities.

Jen Lunde said she was thrilled that her pregnancy and delivery went a smoothly as it did. She said she plans to embrace the humor in the weeks to come surrounding the timing of Trenten's birth.

"All my friends and family kept saying, 'Jen, you need to have that baby before Jan. 1 so you guys can put it on your 2008 tax deduction,'" she said. "I was like 'Darn! We just missed it.'"

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