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Washington County votes change little in Senate race

When all was said and done in Washington County, incumbent Sen. Norm Coleman lost seven votes and his challenger Al Franken lost nine votes in the 114,366 votes cast for the candidates.

According to the recount, voters in Washington County cast 63,804 votes for Coleman, 50,562 for Franken, and 22,899 recounted for other candidates.

Coleman supporters challenged 59 votes and Franken supporters challenged 52 votes.

Of these, 48 were assigned to Coleman, 58 were assigned to Franken, and 5 were assigned otherwise.

On Tuesday, the Minnesota Secretary of State's office released a tally of original votes and the disposition of disputed ballots that showed Franken was 49 votes ahead of Coleman in the state.

These unofficial results do not include the rejected absentee ballots being reviewed this week.