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County to begin traffic light modifications at Valley Creek Road/Weir Drive

Washington County is preparing for a traffic signal coordination project along Valley Creek Road (County 16) that is scheduled for implementation in early 2009.

Traffic signals will be modified accordingly during the week of Dec. 8 at the intersections of Valley Creek Road (County Highway 16) at Weir Drive, county engineering officials said.

Washington County has a contract for maintenance services with the city of St. Paul and both agencies will be involved with the modifications. There may be traffic delays and lane closures, but no detours will occur over the several days of this preparation project.

At Weir Drive, the traffic signal will be altered to allow left turns from all directions on a green light rather than only on a green arrow. Green arrows will still be provided from all directions; however, the option to turn left on a green light will reduce delay on all approaches and allow for more efficient traffic flow along Valley Creek Road (County 16) when the coordination program is implemented next year.

The north and south approaches on Weir Drive will also be reconfigured to allow both approaches to enter simultaneously, whereas currently only one direction may proceed at a time.

To enable this change, the southbound approach lanes will be reconfigured to provide a single left turn lane by revising the signage and pavement markings.