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East Ridge letterman jacket revealed

East Ridge High School principal Aaron Harper addresses features of the school's letter jacket design Nov. 8 to a group of future ERHS students. Staff photo by Louise Ernewein

It's taken a few weeks to get there, but the future students of East Ridge have been given a glimpse of their school's letterman jacket.

Not only that, but the students actually had a say in the final design of the jacket, selecting the lettering style, placement of patches and logos, and exact color combinations.

On Saturday, Nov. 8, about 15 future East Ridge students got to see the finalized jacket for the first time, after spending a couple Saturdays earlier in the term debating what they wanted the garment to look like.

It got a universal thumbs-up - or "fist of five" according to the scoring system used by assistant principal Matt Kraft, who led the student input session.

"I think it looks really good," said current Woodbury High School student Shannon Rudin. "It turned out really well and we got what we wanted for it."

Fellow future East Ridge Raptor Nikki Soler, who currently attends Park High School, added, "It's original and it's just cool that we got to design it; it will be nice to say that we got to design it for the school."

With gold arms and black body, the East Ridge letterman jacket will feature the ER insignia on the front, with the Raptor logo stamp on the back, just below the neckline, and the word "Raptors" across the back on a chenille patch in gold letters with white trim on a black background.

Samples of the jacket should be on display at the East Ridge apparel sale, scheduled for Saturday, Nov. 22, when clothing bearing the official school logo will be available for the first time.

Shirts, pants, jackets and hats will also go on sale at the event at the Bielenberg Sports Center.

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