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Making it count: The children's vote

Liberty Ridge Elementary fourth graders Brian Smith and Anna Anderson cast their vote

Forming an orderly line, the voters waited their turn, collected their ballot paper and then thoughtfully marked their choice with a pencil.

Across Woodbury, students from kindergarten age and up were getting in on the voting action on Nov. 4.

At Bailey Elementary School, the whole school took part in an election, with simpler ballot papers showing the two main tickets for K-2 grades and the full list of presidential candidates for grades 3-6.

Photographs of all the candidates helped the younger students who were not yet able to read the names.

At Liberty Ridge Elementary, fourth grade social studies students saw the culmination of two weeks of study on the two main candidates' views on subjects ranging from education and the environment to war and the economy.

Each fourth grader got to place his or her vote for John McCain or Barack Obama in individual booths before dropping their ballot slips into buckets ready for counting.