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Afton City Council Ward 1 election: Ken Knutson Q&A

Ken Knutson is running for the Afton City Council Ward 1 seat in the Nov. 4 election.

On Nov. 4, the voters of Afton will have two Ward 1 candidates -- Ken Knutson and Bill Palmquist -- for a city council seat on their ballot. The Bulletin submitted questions to the candidates and both replied.

What follows are the responses by Ken Knutson:

Candidate: Ken Knutson

Age: 67

Job title: Retired 3M Executive

Years as Afton resident: 39

Family: Wife Anne, two children, one grandchild

Civic/ community involvement: Produces the Afton Updates summarizing Afton city business in an informal and timely manner. Has attended nearly every Afton City Council meeting, Afton Planning Commission meeting, and many special meetings and workshops for three years

1. What do you believe is the best way to approach development in Afton?

Follow the provisions of the Afton Comprehensive Plan and land use ordinances. Carefully control development to preserve Afton's unique, rural character

2. How do you believe the city should fund road maintenance?

(Not answered.)

3. What is your vision for the Old Village?

Help the Afton business community take advantage of Afton's unique character without changing that character through high density development.

4. The approval earlier this year of a stealth communications tower and a recent inquiry with regard to wind turbines in Afton has provoked some debate. What is your view on these structures and their place in Afton?

Both the communication tower ordinance and the possibility of a ordinance regulating wind turbines are under review by the Afton Planning Commission. I believe that both types of structures have to be carefully regulated to minimize their impact on Afton's environment and safety.

5. Afton has somewhat of a reputation for divisive politics. What would you do if elected to bring consensus and resolution to city government?

There are strongly held opinions on all sides of the issues. I would be open to listening and learning about all sides of an issue and would do my best to reconcile opposing points of view using Afton's comprehensive plan and ordinances as a guide. I would have zero tolerance for personal attacks or deliberate attempts to destabilize meetings and I would work with the mayor and council members to encourage civil and efficiently run meetings.