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Letter: Swails will work for our children

Most people know Rep. Marsha Swails first and foremost as our award-winning local English teacher.

As her students will tell you, she is one of those rare and precious teachers who truly loves and values each one of her students and can inspire them to great accomplishments.

Her life-long passion for teaching has driven her work at the Capitol to support our children and improve our schools.

What people may not know about Marsha is that she is very open to new and different ideas in education.

While Marsha has worked hard to support our students in classrooms and reverse recent funding cuts to our schools, she has also diligently protected the rights of children who are educated at home.

My younger daughter is one of those lucky children. When legislation was introduced earlier this year that threatened our rights as a homeschool family, Marsha exercised leadership in her key education committees to hold families harmless from the proposals.

Marsha recognizes that there is no one-size-fits-all solution to education. She listens carefully to all ideas, even when they challenge traditional thinking. She is truly an outside-the-box thinker, and that is a precious quality in a public servant.

That's why we are so lucky to have Marsha involved in the "high school redesign" project, the effort to determine how our high schools can adapt to meet the changing realities we face as a community and state.

As our world becomes more interconnected and technology changes at break-neck speed, these efforts are even more crucial for our kids and for our future as a state.

Please join me in voting for Marsha so that she can continue to work toward a future in which our children can all thrive and Minnesota can continue to be a fantastic place to live and work.

Steve Johnson