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'Stealth' tower accountability sought

Concern that the residents living in the shadow of a stealth tower will be forgotten in the wake of a new council was voiced at Afton's Sept. 16 meeting.

Diane Dettmann is a resident of Afton Hills Court and an opponent of the stealth tower which will house equipment enabling Washington County's 800 MHz communications system to go live.

She voiced a fear that certain items specified in the county's conditional use permit, allowing it to erect the tower, were not being adhered to, citing the example of a four-foot microwave dish which will be placed near the top of the tower.

"Our ordinance says it is supposed to be unrecognizable as an antenna, and we wonder how you are going to conceal a 48-inch or four-foot dish," said Dettmann.

"There will be some changes on the council possibly [in the upcoming elections] and we are wondering who will be monitoring this.

"We feel that those who approved this need to be accountable to us, the residents, who are going to be living underneath this tower."