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Council green lights household hazardous waste facility plan

The Woodbury City Council voted Wednesday, Sept. 10 to approve a proposed plan by Washington County to construct a household hazardous waste facility in Woodbury.

The county plans to construct the facility at its property on the southeast corner of Bailey Road and Cottage Grove Drive. The facility will replace the existing facility in Oakdale, said Washington County engineer Don Theisen.

"This is really a neat facility, because it's a place where people can drop off household stuff that they can't throw away," Theisen said. "The people using the facility are looking to do good."

The facility will be located next to a public works building the county already operates at the property.

The Woodbury facility will replace the Oakdale center that has been open to county residents since 1994. The older facility does not process the materials, Theisen said.

According to county statistics, more than 17,000 residents used the household hazardous waste facility in 2007.

Theisen said more than 90 percent of the materials collected is reused, recycled or recovered for energy.

"These are products that are kept out of out landfills," he said.

The facility plans to have a free store area at the facility for residents to pick up items like stain or paint that are dropped off by other residents.

"People might drop off a half-bucket of stain, and if other folks are looking for some free product, they can swing by and pick some up," Theisen said. "That's one of the additional benefits of the program."

Theisen also said facility officials anticipate a surge in the number of analog televisions dropped off at the new facility as the FCC switches over from analog to digital broadcast in February. The facility began accepting electronics in 2007.

The county plans to begin construction of the facility this fall and open next year. Hours will be Tuesdays, noon to 7 p.m., Thursdays and Saturdays, 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.