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'Cultural carnival' to help kids in need

The "Children's Cultural Carnival" is coming to Woodbury Friday, Sept. 12 and is bringing exciting and fun cultural activities for the entire family.

Representatives from six different countries will be surrounded by food, music and crafts from their native country.

Activities for the kids give opportunities for not only learning about other cultures but supporting the education of children from those cultures at the same time.

Sponsored by Children's Culture Connection, the event will be held at the King of Kings Lutheran Church, 1583 Radio Drive, in Woodbury from 5 to 8 p.m.

"Children's Culture Connection's goal is to help children and adults discover the richness of the world's many cultures through educational and entertaining events like the Children's Cultural Carnival," said Dina Fesler, founder of Children's Culture Connection (CCC), a local nonprofit that supports 12 international grassroots charities.

"It is important for our children to become more globally aware and we're proud to sponsor these events."

This Children's Cultural Carnival will feature "adventures" to Afghanistan, Bulgaria, China, Guatemala, Nigeria and Vietnam, and will include exotic food, music, crafts, photo displays, cultural artifacts and native representatives from each country.

A special attraction for children will be the fundraising activities where for $1 kids can learn about each culture in experiential ways, like Guatemalan weaving, Chinese calligraphy and learning how to carry baskets of supplies on your head like in Nigeria.

Each dollar raised through the activity will go towards the education of a child in need in that respective country.

There will also be ethnic food and crafts for purchase.

Admission is free and donations are welcome. Proceeds will go to support the education of kids in each country through a CCC supported children's charity there.

For more information about the carnival, call Dina Fesler at the Children's Culture Connection at (612) 414-7801, e-mail or visit