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Afton council won't agree with society's request about stray cats

The Afton City Council decided Aug. 19 that it was not going to agree with a request by the Animal Humane Society to collect stray cats in addition to dogs found in the city.

The issue arose earlier in the summer, after the Woodbury branch of the Animal Humane Society told Afton it would no longer accept its stray dogs if the city did not instruct its animal control officer also to pick up cats.

City council members were not in favor of the change, and indicated they would instruct the animal control officer to take the stray dogs to another facility in Maplewood, if Woodbury's Animal Humane Society terminated the contract.

"I would imagine I'll be hearing from them," said Stacy Arvidson, the manager of the Woodbury shelter. "Their failure to comply is ending the contract."