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District 833 teams set to take the field

As the District 833 teams begin to don their uniforms for practice, Community Education Sports Coordinator Todd Feustel knows the winds of change are coming soon.

"Lots of things will be different with East Ridge coming on board," he said.

Feustel anticipates "some crossover" between the respective Woodbury, Cottage Grove -- and likely, East Ridge -- Athletic Associations and 833 in overseeing elementary and junior high sports.

"We don't know yet how things will change," he said.

One thing for certain, however, is that in seasons to come, like this year, Community Education will continue to provide an athletic outlet for the district's youth.

"We want to make sure that people know that who we are and that we are here to serve the community," Feustel said.

This fall, District 833 will again offer competitive football and volleyball as well as recreational girls' tennis for seventh- and eighth-graders, with boys' and girls' basketball coming in winter along with wrestling. In the spring, district children can take part in track and field, boys tennis and golf.

No matter how things change over the next 12 months -- meetings will be taking place between District 833 and each communities respective athletic associations over the next series of months -- one thing for certain is that District 833 will still organize a full slate of sports each season.

"Our main premise at Community Education is to teach basic skills and fundamentals," Feustel said. "Most of all, we want to make sure that the kids enjoy the experience."

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