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School logo gets a Raptor-ous reception

It's fearless, it's proud, it's strong -- and it's the new raptor logo for East Ridge High School.

Seven future East Ridge students were given a sneak preview of the new logo last Tuesday, Aug. 5.

It depicts an eagle-like raptor and includes the bird's eye, beak and wing. The standalone initials E. R., which could be used on baseball caps, include raptor talons which make up the letters.

The Woodbury Bulletin hopes to be able to print the first glimpse of the logo for readers within the next couple of weeks, as the school administration wants to get the logo finalized and registered before it goes public.

At the preview meeting on Aug. 5, held for an original group of 20 students who had given feedback to some initial raptor logo designs the previous week, the future students of East Ridge gave the final draft the thumbs-up.

"That's sweet," said Woodbury student Dale Hoeffel as she looked at the logo. She gave the graphic artist, Tom Seivert, nine out of 10 for his design.

"I would like to say thanks -- it is really awesome," she added.

"It shows a lot of the characteristics and stuff we wanted, but it's also really clean -- we didn't want it to be too cluttered to bring out the characteristics, and it does that."

Another future East Ridge student, Vincent Bedard, who will be a junior when the school opens off Bailey Road in September 2009, said he was particularly keen on the version of the logo which included the raptor's wing.

"I think it's a logo that a lot of clubs and activities and other organizations at the school can use," he added.

Seivert, who began work on the logo about three months ago, has been working with Brad Allan, art director for the project, to come up with the final design.

He said it was the biggest project he'd worked on in his career to date.

"I live in Woodbury, and it's a really good feeling to know that I will go down the road and maybe see a student with an East Ridge shirt on or a hat," said Seivert.

"I honestly think that with the logo we've created, kids are going to be like, 'Wow'...

"We took every bit of feedback [from the students] and we incorporated the characteristics, the colors and the values to make this the students' logo."