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National Night Out in Woodbury tonight

More than 30 neighborhoods around Woodbury are gearing up for a night against crime. Their defense? Spatulas, charcoal and plenty of food to cook on the grill.

Neighborhoods throughout the city will celebrate National Night Out. Most block parties will start up at 6 p.m.

The event, which was first organized on the national level 25 years ago, helps connect residents with their public safety officials and with each other, all in the name of crime prevention.

Target is a co-sponsor of the event, and as such the building at 9501 Hudson Road will be host to a NNO party.

Woodbury Public Safety officials, along with officials from the Washington County Sheriff's Department Mounted Police, will be on hand at the party for demonstrations that include operation of a fire engine and emergency services vehicles, said Rebecca Leatherman, Woodbury Public Safety's NNO facilitator.

Public safety officials and other city officials plan to attend each of the 30-plus block parties that signed up for the event.

Members of the Woodbury Public Safety Board will also be on hand promoting the board's annual spaghetti dinner event coming up in September. The public safety department is also sponsoring a NNO poster coloring contest for kids.

In addition to the block party, more than 30 neighborhoods in Woodbury are participating in National Night Out.

Here is a sample of neighborhoods signed up for block parties celebrating NNO:

• Stonemill Farms Community Center

• Evergreen West Park

• 700 block of Lake Ridge Alcove (Turnberry)

• Coachwood Circle

• Courtly Townhomes

• 2200 block of Queens Drive

• 9100 block of Pinehurst Road

• Windom Ponds on Newbury Road

• Carver Lake Townhomes

• Fairway Meadows Park