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Independent School district #833, South Washington County Public Schools is proposing to replace the mechanical systems in all or a portion of Crestview and Hillside Elementary Schools and perform a series of deferred maintenance projects in various building throughout the district.

The district has performed an assessment of the ventilation systems and has determined that the ventilation systems are inefficient, maintenance intensive, and aged beyond their expected useful life and need replacement at Crestview and Hillside Elementary Schools. The proposed project would replace the ventilation systems at the two schools and perform deferred maintenance work at various buildings through out the district such as painting, tuck pointing, replacement of casework, water heaters, water softeners, kitchen hood exhaust, windows, repair of bathrooms, pool areas and boiler stacks. The proposed projects will be carried out in the 2009-10 and 2010-2011 school years. The proposed ventilation system replacement and the deferred maintenance projects are needed to assure that the district's aging facilities continue to provide a safe, comfortable learning environment that serves the educational and community needs of the district.

The total cost of the proposed projects is $8,4000,000. The district proposes to fund the project through the sale of $11,250,000 in alternative facilities bonds, $2,850,000 of that amount will fund a portion of the ventilation system replacement at Pine Hill elementary school. The Pine Hill project received a positive review and comment in September 2007.

The district is proposing to finance the project through the Alternative Facilities Levy and Bonding program under M.S. 123B.59. In accordance with this statute, the Minnesota Department of Education grants approval for the South Washington County Schools to issue general obligation bonds to fund the approved alternative facilities bonding projects, and to levy for the principal and interest payment on said bonds. Funds will be expended for health and safety, accessibility and deferred capital expenditure and maintenance projects as specified in your approved plan. District shall observe the requirement in Minn. Stat. § 123B.59 Subd. 8 to establish and maintain a separate account under the UFARS for this program and the requirement in Minn. Stat. § 123B.59 Subd. 3 to publish notice of intended projects. School board approval is required to proceed with this project.


Based upon the Department's analysis of the school district's required documentation and other pertinent information from sources of the Department of Education, the Commissioner of Education has judged the project to be educationally and economically advisable.


Persons desiring additional information regarding this proposal should contact the school district superintendent's office.

Alice Seagren, Commissioner

June 23, 2008

(Published in the South Washington County Bulletin and the Woodbury Bulletin on Wednesday, July 16, 2008.)