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Afton city attorney's 'value' comes under scrutiny

Concern has been raised that Afton is not getting value for its money from its city attorney.

The issue was introduced at the June 17 meeting by city council member Peg Nolz, who expressed the view that the city attorney's current billing system -- introduced relatively recently -- of charging Afton a monthly retainer for standard services was not working out in the citizens' best interest.

"What constitutes the stuff you handle under retainer, and what doesn't?" Nolz asked Mitchell Converse, the city attorney.

"The one [bill] for services under retainer is one page -- when we agreed to go under retainer with you, we were having, oh, I don't know, two, three, four pages.

"It doesn't look like we are spending that much of your time. I'm giving you the heads-up that I'm paying attention here and it doesn't make sense to me."