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Hurst running for county board

Former Woodbury City Council member Cheryl Hurst has announced her candidacy for Washington County Commissioner for District 5.

"I believe my 12 years of city council experience will bring a unique perspective to the county board," Hurst said. "For instance, I understand the direct link between an efficient transportation system and economic development and the means to achieve these goals.

"As economies fluctuate and budgets tighten, it is imperative communities have the foundations to not only withstand downturns, but also retain their desirability for commerce, relieving the tax burdens on our residents."

Expounding on her qualifications Hurst said, "My first priority has always been to listen to the citizens. People have repeatedly expressed their gratitude for my ability to make the issues understandable and government approachable.

"As an elected official, whether it is city, county, or state, I believe in working as a team."

Hurst has served on a number of community organizations, including the public safety task force that devised the innovative police/fire/EMS integration program, resulting in the Local Government Innovation Award in efficiency/cost effectiveness from the Hubert H. Humphrey Institute.

She also served on the Parks and Open Space task force that inventoried Woodbury's natural amenities, leading to two successful referendums preserving open space for future generations.

Another committee Hurst takes pride in is the development of the Central Park facility.

"From concept to drawings to bricks and mortar, I was one of its greatest advocates and I'm delighted the facility's use continues to grow," she said.

Hurst and her husband John have been married 25 years. They are residents of Woodbury since 1991, members of King of Kings Lutheran Church and have three children -- Natalie, a University of Wisconsin graduate, Vanessa, a student at the University of Minnesota, Duluth and Clayton, a junior at Woodbury High School.