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Store launches 'Soles 4 Souls' charity drive

Help change a life by donating a pair of your shoes.

That's the message coming out of the Shoes To Boot store at Woodbury Lakes this month.

Store owner David Addis and his daughter, Abby Addis, who also works at the store, are asking people to donate new or used shoes to the Soles 4 Souls campaign drive to gather footwear which will be sent to people in need around the world.

"It's a tremendous idea," said Addis. "It's a win, win, win situation.

"We offer the customers a discount of 20 percent; they get rid of the shoes that have been lying in their closet for years that they don't wear; and they are donating to somebody who needs them."

He has been participating in shoe recycling programs off and on for 10 years now, and was inspired to get involved because he wanted to give something back.

"It's part of our role and our mission, to help other people," he explained. "This really fits into who we are as a family; here's something important."

Addis, who has been in the shoe business for 29 years, adds that people who wish to donate shoes do not have to purchase a pair from his store to participate.

Last year his store collected 200 pairs for Soles 4 Souls; this year they're going for 400, and members of the Addis family have already kick-started the drive by digging out their own, spare pairs of shoes to donate.

Drop off your shoes at the Shoes To Boot store, Woodbury Lakes, before June 28.

For more information, call (651) 251-6848 or log on to