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Afton park will get new teeter-totter

Children in Afton could have a new plaything by the end of the month.

The city council has approved a request by one resident that a teeter-totter is added to the Afton city park playground, and installation could take place at the end of June.

Claire Eisinger took her appeal to the city council after sourcing a quotation for a teeter-totter to replace the existing piece of equipment in the park, which no longer works.

At the council's May 20 meeting, Eisinger was told that members were unanimously backing the installation of the teeter-totter at a cost of $2,400.

She, along with many other community residents, had been involved with the construction of the new equipment in the park two years ago, when the playground was given a makeover to make it much more child-friendly.

Eisinger says she joined forces with other citizens originally because she was frustrated at having to take her two-year-old granddaughter outside of Afton to play.

The residents involved then saw a whole host of new equipment installed. But the money ran out before a teeter-totter could be purchased.

"The group had committed the city council to stay within the proposed budget -- getting the main structures in place was the primary goal," Eisinger explained of the 2006 project.

"The existing teeter-totter had not worked in some years, but it was located off to the side and did not interfere with the new equipment or its placement.

"[It was decided it was] another project for another time."

Now, however, the city has decided to spend the money out of its dedicated parks fund, which has a balance of more than $160,000.

The new teeter-totter will be constructed by Bill Johnson of Flanagan Sales, Inc, the company which installed the equipment two years ago, and meets all safety standards and has a torsion-type mechanism to control the speed, according to a document submitted by Eisinger.

"It is heartwarming to see on any nice day our city park full of children having fun," she added.