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A howlin' good time for all

The Wildlife Science Center, 5463 West Broadway, Columbus (near Forest Lake) is hosting "Canine Carnival -- A Tribute to Canines Both Wild and Domestic" on Saturday, June 7.

Admission to the event, taking place from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m., is $6 for adults and $4 children 4 and older.

Join the working and playing dogs of the area for a day of fun -- and see wolf pups, too.

Presenters and vendors include Minnesota Search & Rescue Dog Association, C&E Obedience, flyball and agility demos, Twin City Obedience Training Center demos, K-9 officers with their human partners, a book signing by author Jenni Bidner, Lone Pine Malamutes, NorthStar Great Pyrenees Club, RAGOM, Gray Wolf Leathers, Run Dog Run athletic clothing, Pamelon dog beds and other items, Visionary Pictures, Twin City Siberian Husky Club, Upper Midwest Australian Shepherd Club, Northern Lights Greyhound Rescue, Adopt-a-Husky, Minnesota Wisconsin Collie Rescue, Gemini Rottweiler & Pitbull Rescue, RusticHearth Soaps and Minnesota Animal Control Association.

For more information, call (651) 464-3993 or visit