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'Deal Or No Deal' teacher wins $71,000

Students and teachers at Liberty Ridge were likely glued to their TV screens Monday night.

Fourth grade teacher Pat Hook faced Howie Mandel and 25 briefcase-carrying Filipino models on a special edition of the show which was filmed in the Philippines.

Sadly for Hook, he picked out the $1 million case just five cases from the end of the show, and saw his offer from the banker plummet.

He did a deal for $71,000, only to find that his own case, number 11, contained $200,000 which he would have taken home if he had played to the end.

Hook and his wife, Brandi, flew to the Philippines April 20 to film the show, returning April 24.

They were sworn to secrecy over the details of Hook's game, and the couple, who live in Roberts, Wis., couldn't even tell their two sons or daughter how Hook did on the show.

Liberty Ridge principal Kari Lopez and students from the school put together a good luck greeting, which was filmed by an NBC crew and broadcast to Hook during the show.