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Afton council hears new gas lamp sales pitch

Could self-igniting gas lamps be the way forward for Afton?

Arnold Knight, of the New Brighton-based company Knightonix, certainly thought so, when he outlined his product at the city's April 15 meeting.

He told city council members his automatic gas lamp igniter would turn Afton's gas lamps on at dusk and off at dawn without any need for human interference.

Knight explained sensors in the device would detect when it was light and turn the lamp off. A spark would be generated at nightfall, to ignite the gas.

Each device costs $329 and requires a battery pack, lasting one to two years, costing a further $15-$20. Afton has 44 gas lamps.

The city council agreed to discuss the proposal in more detail at a future workshop meeting on the subject of the city's lights.