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Woodbury woman helps name new U of M apple

A woman from Woodbury helped pick the winning name for the newest apple to come from the University of Minnesota.

Ann Stout was one of 10 people from Minnesota who suggested the name "Frostbite" for the apple in a contest at the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum which saw more than 7,000 entries from around the world.

The apple now known as Frostbite formerly went under the name, "MN447" and is a grandparent of the Honeycrisp apple, also developed by the University of Minnesota.

Stout, along with the nine other nominators, will receive a certificate of congratulations and a basket of Frostbite apples.

Frostbite apples are small, with an unusual, almost tropical flavor and are the most winter hardy fruit ever released by the university.

The first trees will begin to bear fruit to be sold in grocery stores around 2014.