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Kindness in words and action

Getting organized is a topic I am always interested in. As I mentioned in a previous column titled "Get organized," I like to learn new tips and tricks that will help me get organized and make my life easier. And I have learned a lot myself over the years.

Recently when I saw a blurb in the Woodbury Bulletin about the free workshop "Order in the Home" at the R.H. Stafford library, I decided to check it out.

I didn't expect to learn a lot of new things, but I thought I would learn something nevertheless.

Tuesday evenings after piano lessons are usually the time my kids and I visit the library anyway, so it was very convenient for me to stop by at the workshop.

When I read about the workshop in the paper, I didn't pay too much attention to the name of the presenter, Kian Dwyer. The name just semed familiar to me.

It reminded me of the book "Living Your Chosen Eulogy" that I read a couple of years ago.

Being a half-hour late for the workshop and without a reserved seat, I was very glad I still found an empty seat in the crowded conference room.

Kian Dwyer was talking about organizing the kitchen and bathroom, giving away and getting rid of excessive stuff, etc.

As I looked closer at her name and saw her face to face, almost within arm's reach, I kept wondering: "Is this the same person?"

The answer came at the end of the presentation when Dwyer shared a little bit about her background and mentioned that she is a writer.

Yes, I knew Dwyer as a writer.

Dwyer's first book "Living Your Chosen Eulogy" was published in 2004. The book got great reviews. The second revised edition came out in 2005. I enjoyed reading it and found it very inspiring.

Her second book, "There is an Angel in all of us," will be published soon.

What I didn't know was Dwyer has talents and skills in more than one area.

"I don't do any one job full time. Wearing many hats keeps me balanced," Dwyer said, "I can make a bigger difference in the world by sharing more than one gift."

Dwyer is a life and design consultant. Her services include life coaching, interior design for residential and Parade of Homes models.

She is an organization expert and likes to help people bring "Order in the Home;" the name of her business.

Dwyer was born in Iran and was adopted by an American couple at age seven.

As someone who has experienced hardships and health challenges in life, Dwyer has a tender heart for children with special needs. She does workshops in development training for special needs kids and helps with fundraising.

Dwyer holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in speech/ communications with a minor in psychology from Gustavus Adolphus College in Minnesota. She is a public speaker and spiritual mentor.

She is also the founder of World Help Organization ( which promotes kindness and active giving and living. She gives a percentage of her book proceeds to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation.

The workshop was fun and engaging. Time flew by so quickly. We had to go because the library was closing.

As we were ready to leave, Dwyer surprised each participant with chocolate and a copy of her autographed book "Living Your Chosen Eulogy."

The title page of my book has her beautiful handwritten note: "Celebrate the gifts we each bring on this spirited journey through life!"

I was really touched by her thoughtfulness and her generous gift for everyone.

At that moment I realized what I learned from the workshop was way more than I expected.

In the end it was not so much about housekeeping tips and "Order in the Home," it was more about purposeful living tips and "Order in the Heart."

Dwyer does what she preaches. She gives by not just talking about it, but by actually doing it. That is a more important lesson I have learned and need to learn.

Dwyer has been a Woodbury resident since 1998. Having her living in our community is a blessing.

Through her writing and living she has certainly inspired me to live a more meaningful life. I am sure others will find her inspiring, too.

I would like to express my deep appreciation to Dwyer for the workshop, the book and the life lesson she taught me. Thanks also to the library and librarians for sponsoring and organizing this workshop.