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School appeals for PTA board members

A heartfelt plea has gone out to parents to step forward to help -- or risk losing their school PTA.

The parent-teacher association at Liberty Ridge Elementary School, on Eagle View Boulevard, Woodbury, could cease to exist next academic year if more people do not volunteer to sit on the board.

The current co-president, Amy Crouch, has sent out a letter appealing to parents, in which she suggests the vacancies have arisen because parents are focusing on concerns about the current renegotiation of school boundaries.

In the letter, sent out by e-mail, Crouch wrote, "Two deadlines have been set by the nominating committee to submit names of interest for next year's PTA board. Both deadlines have come and gone and we still don't have enough people to fill the positions."

She points out that if no one steps forward, the PTA will dissolve on July 1, which could affect fundraising for laptops, books and equipment.

"I realize the boundary changes may be playing in people's minds when making decisions for future commitments," Crouch continued.

"I, myself, do not know where my daughter will be attending in 09-10, but I do know where she will be in the 08-09 school year.

"I would prefer she have a Thursday folder, an agenda and a student directory, plus many of the other great opportunities currently available at Liberty Ridge."

The school board will vote April 24 on a new set of school boundaries for Woodbury, Cottage Grove, St. Paul Park and Newport, which will result in students across the district being sent to different schools to those in previous years.

However, Kari Lopez, Liberty Ridge's principal, does not believe the vacancies on the PTA board are due to the school boundaries situation.

"We don't have an issue with getting people to run the carnival or the battle of the books -- they are just looking for board members," Lopez explained, adding that she expected people to start coming forward in April.

"I have always had a PTA or PTO [in schools I've worked in] and this is probably one of the best ones I've been involved with."