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Spring cleaning to begin soon

Springtime means budding trees, outdoor activities and city maintenance.

The Woodbury Public Works Department is expected to begin spring cleaning activities, including street sweeping and hydrant flushing, in mid-April.

Street sweeping will begin in Woodbury neighborhoods on April 14, weather permitting.

Residents are asked to sweep or shovel excess gravel and sand from their boulevards into the street gutter before the street is cleaned, so sweepers can remove any sand build-up from winter plowing.

When sweepers are in the neighborhood, all vehicles should be moved from streets, so the entire street can be swept. Street sweeping will take place over the course of approximately five working days.

Sand removed from city streets is screened and recycled for use during the next winter season. Approximately 70 percent of the material collected during street sweeping can be reused. This amounts to about 500 tons of material.

Provided street sweeping is completed as scheduled, flushing of fire hydrants will begin on April 16.

Utility maintenance crews flush hydrants in the spring and fall each year to verify that hydrants are operating properly and to remove rust, sand and other sediments from the underground piping systems.

Though flushing may occasionally discolor the water for a few minutes, it is safe to drink. However, residents may want to check for signs of discoloration before using the water to wash clothes.

If the water is discolored when the tap is turned on, continue running water until it again is clear. If stains from the water appear on laundered clothes, do not put the clothes in the dryer, as this will set the stains. Washing clothes again in cold water should remove any stains.

Residents are reminded that inclement weather may alter the proposed schedule for either or both of these projects.

Questions may be directed to the Public Works Department at (651) 714-3720.