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Letter: Boundaries meeting behavior

At the middle school boundaries meeting on Tuesday, Feb.19, I anticipated a stressful, non-cooperative environment given public comments and the task itself. Fortunately, I encountered smart, friendly and honest people instead.

As a Powers Lake resident, I joined a group of volunteers presenting our concerns as the only "neighborhood" of Liberty Ridge students being moved from Lake Middle School in two plans: isolated in the boundary process.

Our volunteers shared their discussion experience at the end. Surprisingly, we found support from most folks outside our subdivision even though they had their own problems with plans. Woodbury residents were listening and helping each other make their positions known while trying to accommodate all families within the parameters provided by the boundary task force.

We also supported others as we addressed their concerns; this camaraderie was prevalent and needed.

Residents respectfully challenged each others' pros and cons to find compromise, tackle transportation, analyze population shifts and the use of school facilities.

Everyone came prepared and I believe all neighborhoods were given fair representation through the lens of reasonable sacrifice.

I am proud of Woodbury and hope that the plans reflect those changes the community suggests. I also have to compliment the district on promoting and managing this labor intensive process, helping all residents engage in their children's education. Good luck to all in making their case.

Let's remember, we are all part of the same community and should continue to respect each other's position.

Marisa Novak