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Letter: Praised for override vote

Our state representatives, Marsha Swails and Julie Bunn, and Sen. Kathy Saltzman should be congratulated on their vote to support, and their vote to override the governor's veto of the transportation bill last week. It has been 20 years since the people who determine what taxes we pay have had the courage to recognize the need to fund our infrastructure improvements. Twenty years of denial has ended.

It was with the help of six Republican House members who voted to override the veto by Gov. Pawlenty that they accomplished this necessary task. Those six, by the next day, had been chastised by the Republican Caucus.

They had some of their responsibilities taken from them and further, it has been suggested that they might not be supported by the caucus and the Republican party, should they run for re-election.

All that because they didn't blindly follow misplaced leadership positions on the needs of the state. These six should also be congratulated for their courage and conviction.

Those leaders of the Republican Caucus should be criticized for the action they took and for the expectation that those members of their caucus act like lemmings and follow them without use of common sense and understanding of needs. We should be thankful that, at least, six decided to do the right thing in spite of threats of retaliation.

I hope that those who are critical of the action of our legislators appreciate, as those of us who support the bill will, the improvements we will see in our transportation system in the future. If they don't want to participate, they can always not buy gas, not purchase anything in the metro area, and sell their cars to avoid those minor increases in the cost of these things.

My guess is that none will take those options.

John Shirts